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#17 with a Bullet: 20 Years Later Author Emma Newman

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Emma Newman

When I was a kid, my mom was a reporter at the local daily paper in the small Central Texas town where I grew up. Back then, they were still using hot lead to set the type of the newspaper. So, given the fact that the vast majority of printing today is digital from PDF files, more technological change has taken place in the design/printing field in the last 15 years than in previous hundred . . . and significantly more than in the 400 years before that.

At the same time, though, to point out the obvious, the Internet has changed the nature/scope of communication to the same degree. When Dystopia Press first got on Twitter, we got to know Emma Newman as she was our 17th follower. And, as well, she was one of the first people to submit  a manuscript to us. Given that she’s based out of the UK (and we’re in Texas), it’s kudos all around to the Internet as her YA post-apocalyptic novel 20 Years Later will be the first title released by Dystopia Press.

Recently, Emma shared some thoughts her thoughts on books, writing, and the writing life.

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