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#17 with a Bullet: 20 Years Later Author Emma Newman

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Emma Newman

When I was a kid, my mom was a reporter at the local daily paper in the small Central Texas town where I grew up. Back then, they were still using hot lead to set the type of the newspaper. So, given the fact that the vast majority of printing today is digital from PDF files, more technological change has taken place in the design/printing field in the last 15 years than in previous hundred . . . and significantly more than in the 400 years before that.

At the same time, though, to point out the obvious, the Internet has changed the nature/scope of communication to the same degree. When Dystopia Press first got on Twitter, we got to know Emma Newman as she was our 17th follower. And, as well, she was one of the first people to submit¬† a manuscript to us. Given that she’s based out of the UK (and we’re in Texas), it’s kudos all around to the Internet as her YA post-apocalyptic novel 20 Years Later will be the first title released by Dystopia Press.

Recently, Emma shared some thoughts her thoughts on books, writing, and the writing life.

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Weekly Links Roundup (3/7-3/13/2011)

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Once again, the post-apocalyptic elves have been working furiously at the Dystopia Press home office/compound. While much of our time has been spent closing out the final pre-press work on Emma Newman‘s 20 Years Later, we did find time to upload a PDF of the first five chapters of 20YL here. In the next few weeks, we’ll make this sample available via the nifty interfaces at Issuu and Scribd as well.

Links of note below for this week include a great fundraiser for the  Red Cross which is even more timely than ever!

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Writers for the Red Cross Auction 2011

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I came across the Writers for the Red Cross 2011 Auction a little late—it goes on for five weeks and I discovered it in the middle of of week 2 thanks to a tweet by Steve Tiano that he’s auctioning off the layout of a book in week 3—but for anyone with an interest/connection to books, there are plenty of great items/services to bid on.

And, with everything that’s going on currently in Japan, it’s more timely than ever to donate to organizations that respond to disasters/calamities around the world.

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Meet the Author: Matt Cardin

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Waco, Texas, is not exactly New York City when it comes to being a hotbed of publishing and/or writing, but one of the local literary figures we can boast having among us is Matt Cardin, a writer, college teacher, and musician. With a master’s degree in religion and a lifetime of experiential involvement in the study of world religion and philosophy, he writes frequently about the mutual implications of religion, spirituality, and horror. He is the author of Divinations of the Deep (2002), a collection of short stories, and Dark Awakenings (2010), a collection of fiction and academic essays. The former launched the New Century Macabre line of contemporary literary horror fiction for Ash-Tree Press. The latter, just published in May by Mythos Books, received strong advance praise from major industry figures. More information can be found both at the Matt Cardin website and his blog The Teeming Brain. Recently, he graciously agreed to discuss his reading and writing background as well as his publishing experiences.

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Dystopia Press to Publish Emma Newman’s 20 Years Later

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On the public front, things have been quiet at Dystopia Press the last couple of months. Behind the scenes, however, things continue apace: busily (although not busily enough) reading manuscripts, ongoing discussions about various contract proposals out and about, and just generally plotting small press world publishing domination.

On a happier—and more public!—note, I can say that we have signed our first author to Dystopia Press, Emma Newman, to publish her novel 20 Years Later.

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