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Weekly Links Roundup (2/21-2/27/2011)

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After several weeks of furious, sustained activity, the Dystopia Press home office is buzzing these days. The pre-publication push for Emma Newman’s 20 Years Later is in full swing along with the final pre-press work so that the printing and binding process can begin. In addition, next week marks the distribution of the first Dystopia Press e-newsletter. If you haven’t already subscribed to the receive these monthly dispatches, you can do that here. Finally, we have a new collection of DP and 20YL branded gear—bags, t-shirts, iPhone cases—at our CafePress store, so feel free to stop by to take a look around.

But, despite all the evidence to the contrary, it’s not all about us at the DP home office. We’re always scouring the Interwebs to find the most interesting info that’s available out there. So here’s our new weekly list of things you really should check out.

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Support Your Local Bookstore: Plotz Used Books (Waco, Texas)

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Support Your Local Bookstore: Plotz Used Books (Waco, Texas)

On January 3, 2011, Waco welcomed another bookstore to town: Plotz Used Books. Located at 1300 Lake Air Drive, Plotz features a healthy selection of high quality used books at half price as well as a coffee bar, the Plotz Totz children’s section, and a special gift section with an eclectic collection of items. Store hours are 10-7 Monday through Saturday and 12-6 on Sunday. In addition, you can buy selected books from Plotz online at  Recently, founder and co-owner Jarrod Harelik, who is a partner in the independent publishing company Wide Array, talked with us about the creation of Plotz, his background, and his goals for the store.

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Weekly Links Roundup (2/14-2/19/2011)

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There are two basic types of books: books as tools (dictionaries, textbooks, guides) and books as entertainment (fiction, trade non-fiction, coffee table books). Sure, there’s some overlap between those two categories—cookbooks come to mind—but in general when a book is a tool people use it when they need it, then put it down, and don’t give it much more thought after that until they need it again. On the other hand, when you have books as entertainment, those readers are more likely extend their engagement with that book, topic, or genre past the act of reading itself. So, with all that in mind, below are the links we’ve come across this week from both the post-apocalyptic and book/publishing communities.

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How Trade Books Get Sold

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As I’ve noted before, there is a long production chain for a book to get published: manuscript acquisition, (copy)editing, layout and design, printing, and marketing. However, even if you do all of those things right—right meaning highest quality for the best cost—you can still wind up with thousands of books sitting in your garage for the next ten years if you don’t have one, last key element in place: a book distributor.

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