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Compliance: It’s the Name of the Game

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Publishing a book has many stages—from manuscript to layout to printing to distribution to sales—that have the end result (hopefully) of a book in a reader’s hands (or ereader). And, like most involved processes, it’s not one that’s particularly forgiving; that is, you can do a lot of things right—find a manuscript, produce a well-designed book, line up good pre-publication blurbs and reviews—but there are some elements completely divorced from the acquisitions/editorial/production processes that, if not done (correctly), will doom all of your other hard work: ISBNs, Bookland EAN barcodes, P-CIPs, and the SAN.

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Meet the Author: Matt Cardin

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Waco, Texas, is not exactly New York City when it comes to being a hotbed of publishing and/or writing, but one of the local literary figures we can boast having among us is Matt Cardin, a writer, college teacher, and musician. With a master’s degree in religion and a lifetime of experiential involvement in the study of world religion and philosophy, he writes frequently about the mutual implications of religion, spirituality, and horror. He is the author of Divinations of the Deep (2002), a collection of short stories, and Dark Awakenings (2010), a collection of fiction and academic essays. The former launched the New Century Macabre line of contemporary literary horror fiction for Ash-Tree Press. The latter, just published in May by Mythos Books, received strong advance praise from major industry figures. More information can be found both at the Matt Cardin website and his blog The Teeming Brain. Recently, he graciously agreed to discuss his reading and writing background as well as his publishing experiences.

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